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Food & recipes

French toast

This dish has many different names, but we know it mainly as “French toast”. Delicious for breakfast, brunch or lunch and quick to prepare! Ingredients3 eggs1

Food & recipes

Turkey and mozzarella sandwich

It does not have to be a hot lunch every day. That is why we are preparing a cold lunch today, namely a sandwich with turkey

Food & recipes

Chocolate mousse with Greek yoghurt

Chocolate mousse can be hard on the stomach. But not with this special chocolate mousse made without eggs! With just 3 ingredients, you can make this

Food & recipes

Lemonade with watermelon

Looking for refreshment this summer? Do you love watermelon? Then we have the ideal drink for you! Enjoy this delicious lemonade with watermelon and raspberries. Ingredients1

Food & recipes

Pasta with tuna, tomatoes and green pesto

Today we serve a deliciously refreshing pasta with tuna and green pesto! Perfect to cool down in these hot days. Ingredients125 grams of pasta1 tin of

Food & recipes

Speculaas biscuits

Ingredients175 g butter400 grams of brown sugar2.5 grams of baking powder7.5 grams bicarbonate100 millilitres water0,5 teaspoon speculaaskruiden0.5 teaspoon cinnamon625 grams flour PreparationBeat the butter (in the

Food & recipes

Sandwich with green pesto and tomato

Green pesto is being consumed more and more. Therefore, we choose a recipe with green pesto. Deliciously light and with a delicious taste! Enjoy this sandwich

Food & recipes

Egg with tomato, bacon and parsley

Not much time to make dinner? Need something nutritious and full of vitamins? Then this egg with tomato, bacon and parsley is the ideal choice. It

Food & recipes

Pasta with salmon and broccoli

The combination of salmon and broccoli offers a deliciously mild taste. Enjoy this pasta with salmon and broccoli! Ingredients400 grams (fresh) salmon400 grams of pasta300 ml