Gastric Banding

Gastric Banding

You may be considering weight loss surgery if you have been unable to maintain weight loss through diet, exercise, and/or medication. Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a safe, proven option for weight loss. Weight loss surgery is not a quick-fix or an easy way out. But when it's accompanied by permanent lifestyle changes, it can help you achieve lasting benefits in your physical, emotional, and social well-being.

When facing weight loss challenges, you need compassionate and extensive support. At Obesity Solutions our team of weight loss experts — including bariatric surgeons and registered dietitians— help you overcome weight loss obstacles with personalized treatment programs.

Our bariatric experts offer the most effective, minimally invasive treatment for fast, long-term weight loss: gastric bypass surgery. Using the latest techniques and research to guide your treatment, we can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our team works closely with your primary care provider as the patients lose weights to help reduce or eliminate medications that you may already be taking.

Advanced, effective weight loss surgery

Gastric banding is a type of weight loss surgery that involves fastening a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. By decreasing the stomach size it limits and controls the amount of food you eat. The gastric banding procedure is an adjustable weight loss surgery. The diameter of the band is adjustable for a customized weight-loss rate. Your individual needs can change as you lose weight. To modify the size of the band, its inner surface can be inflated or deflated with a saline solution. The band is connected by tubing to an access port, which is placed well below the skin during surgery. After the operation, we can control the amount of saline in the band by entering the port with a fine needle through the skin. The result is an increased feeling of fullness after eating a smaller amount of food. In turn, this results in weight loss. An advantage of this form of bariatric procedure is that all food consumed is digested and absorbed normally. There is no malabsorption.
Minimally invasive surgery means you recover from surgery faster with less pain and fewer risks for infections. Our experienced surgeons have performed thousands of these procedures, so you know you are in good hands.

This procedure can: • Help control sweet and carbohydrate cravings • Reduce hunger and improved satiety with smaller amounts of food • Be reversed

Half of our patients goes home after one night in the hospital. Depending on personal recovery, the other half goes home the second night!

Long-term weight loss support

The weight loss team of Obesity Solutions will help you keep your weight loss and improve your health. We can help your entire body to adapt healthy habits before, during and after the operation. Our specialized registrars help you understand what you can and can not eat after surgery by drawing up a nutrition plan. This plan helps you to consume the vitamins, minerals and weight losses you require.

After this procedure, our physical therapists are happy to assist you with getting stronger. If necessary, they can introduce you to personalized training courses for cardiovascular health. Exercise does not only help you to lose weight, it also increases your muscles, bone and heart health and reduces health risks. Your weight loss team at Obesity Solutions provides the attention you need, when you need it. We assist you with your weight loss and help you to maintain it by among others, guiding you and having individual appointments.

We are with you at every step

You are not alone in this journey. Our program is run by a team of specialists who are here to help you prepare for surgery, undergo a safe procedure and maintain healthy lifestyle habits designed to ensure you achieve success.