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Food & recipes

Vegetable lasagne

Lasagne is a universally popular and delicious dish. But lasagne can also be very healthy. Have you ever tried to make this dish with as many


Child and adolescent obesity

More and more children and young people are confronted with obesity at an early age. This can have various causes. It is not only important to

Food & recipes

Salsa with mango and tomato

Fancy a refreshing lunch? Then this salsa with mango and tomato is for you! Delicious with tortilla chips. Let’s try! Ingredients: Half a mango3 tomatoesHalf red

Food & recipes

Quick tiramisu with strawberries

Looking for a delicious and light dessert? Or maybe you’re already looking for a dessert for the holidays? Then this delicious tiramisu with strawberries is the

Food & recipes


Granola that you buy in the shops is not always healthy. They often contain a lot of sugar and calories. If you make your own granola,

Food & recipes

Greek yoghurt pancakes

Pancakes are very popular with every generation. But did you know that you can prepare them in many different and healthy ways? These delicious pancakes based

Food & recipes

Creamy pasta with spinach and salmon

Winter is coming, so warm lunches are welcome again to warm us up well. And say for yourself, what tastes better than a healthy piece of


Processed and unprocessed foods

Nowadays, there is a lot of processed food on the go. However, this is not always good for your health. Therefore, we would like to dedicate

Food & recipes

Quiche with tomato, mozzarella and basil

This delicious and refreshing quiche tastes good at any time of the day! Ingredients 1 sheet of puff pastry3 eggs200 ml milk125 ml cream10 cherry tomatoes1

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