Gastric Banding

Gastric banding surgery makes use of a silicone ring which attaches around the upper part of the stomach and is adjustable. This reduces food intake and calorie consumption. 

Gastric banding surgery is a short, minimally invasive procedure. Via a laprascopic route & 5 small incisions the gastric band is insterted. At the end of the procedure, the box is implanted under the skin for later adjustment of the band. 

This minimally invase surgery is associated with less pain and a shorter hospital stay. As a patient, you are in excellent hands.


How does it work?

We are with you at every step

You are not alone in this journey. Our program is run by a team of specialists who are here to help you prepare for surgery, undergo a safe procedure and maintain healthy lifestyle habits designed to ensure you achieve success.
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of our patients leave the hospital on the day of treatment/day after treatment. The remaining 25% go home after the second night in the hospital.

Long-term weight support

The Obesity Solutions weight loss team helps you maintain your weight loss and get healthier. We offer support before, during and after surgery. Our registered dieticians provide a nutrition plan that helps you creating a healthier food pattern including vitamins and minerals intake. In the aftercare, we are happy to assist you in order to maintain a healthy way of life.