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Parmezaanse kip tenders

Everyone knows them and has eaten them at some point, chicken tenders! What if you combine chicken tenders with parmesan cheese? Then you get these delicious

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Quiche met spinazie en zongedroogde tomaten

Everyone knows them, the traditional quiches. But did you know that you can also make quiche with vegetables other than broccoli? This quiche with spinach and

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Granola repen

Finding healthy snacks is not always an easy task. Luckily, we’re here to provide inspiration! Today we are making delicious granola bars. Delicious, healthy and easy

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Ovenschotel met ham en spruitjes

It is winter in full swing. So a delicious oven dish can provide the necessary warmth. Today on the menu: oven dish with ham and sprouts.

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St. Nicholas is in the country! So it is the time of the year to eat delicious pepernoten. Thanks to our recipe, pepernoten are not only

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Gezonde tonijnsalade

Fancy a healthy spread for between your sandwiches or on a cracker? Then this healthy tuna salad is definitely for you! Deliciously refreshing and low in

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Lasagne is a universally popular and delicious dish. But lasagne can also be very healthy. Have you ever tried to make this dish with as many

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Salsa met mango en tomaat

Fancy a refreshing lunch? Then this salsa with mango and tomato is for you! Delicious with tortilla chips. Let’s try! Ingredients: Half a mango3 tomatoesHalf red