Meet the team

My name is Chris Deprez and I am the founder of Obesity Solutions. Before I became an entrepeneur I used to work as an OR-assistant within the bariatric surgery. During the years I have seen over a thousand surgical operations . Even though the hospitals take good care of their patients, I realized that the most important thing was the aftercare and support after their surgery. Support is of the essence due to the change bariatric surgery can bring to someones life!

In the beginning, I provided pre- and post-operative care for a lot of patients of doctors I was working with. Shortly after, I decided to establish ECFS Obesity Solutions. I wanted to start a centre that helps patients on their journey of weight loss and give them personal care with the experience that I have. I was fortunate enough to work with not only one but three top surgeons in Belgium. Our patients, meanwhile, come to ECFS Obesity Solutions from different countries, for whom we develop a personalized journey to a healthy weight and a better lifestyle.

My name is Inès and I am the Office Manager at ECFS Obesity Solutions. I have started to work with Chris for five years now. Before I started I did not know what impact bariatric surgery can have in peoples lives. The last couple of years I have experienced how important personal care is for patients. I go to work with a smile everyday knowing I can help someone in their journey of weight loss.

After you have had a consultation with Chris, I take care of the organisation of your Total Care Treatment Plan. I am there for any questions about your surgery. I will help you find a perfect date and – in case you come from another country – I will step in to organise everything around your trip. I understand what an important decision it is to choose bariatric surgery. As a patient this is not something you can take lightly and we will not either. We want you to feel supported and well looked after.

My name is Maaike Mahieu. I was born in Ypres and completely lost my heart to the city. Within ECFS Obesity Solutions I work as a Marketing Manager. For me, marketing and communication are two important factors. At ECFS Obesity Solutions I found the ideal job. There I can help people who are about to make major changes to their lives. Helping people is the key to happiness.

Be sure to keep an eye on our socials, as I will make sure to share updates at regular times. So, those who contact us through social media will connect with me. I will try to help you as best I can or connect you with our patient care manager Chris Deprez. With us you are in good hands!