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How often do I have to eat?

Eating regularly is important for everyone, also after a stomach reduction. Our feeling of hunger is largely determined by our biorhythm. In this blog you will


ECFS Obesity Solutions – digitalisation

ECFS Obesity Solutions is strongly committed to digitalisation. Digitalisation has been a hot topic in recent years. At ECFS Obesity Solutions, we like to jump on


EOS Medical

What is EOS Medical? EOS Medical is THE official app of ECFS Obesity Solutions. EOS refers to ECFS Obesity Solutions. Medical refers to the sector in


Constipation (after a stomach reduction)

Everyone has probably suffered from constipation at some point. But how can you remedy it? And what about after a stomach reduction? Read on and find


Child and adolescent obesity

More and more children and young people are confronted with obesity at an early age. This can have various causes. It is not only important to


Processed and unprocessed foods

Nowadays, there is a lot of processed food on the go. However, this is not always good for your health. Therefore, we would like to dedicate


The importance of sport and exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is important. But how much should we move in order to be healthy? And what exactly do we mean by exercise? Read