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Processed and unprocessed foods

Nowadays, there is a lot of processed food on the go. However, this is not always good for your health. Therefore, we would like to dedicate


The importance of sport and exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is important. But how much should we move in order to be healthy? And what exactly do we mean by exercise? Read



Many people suffer from heartburn. This can cause serious irritation. That is why we would like to take the time to explain how heartburn arises and


Staying motivated after bariatric surgery

Shortly after bariatric surgery, patients lose a lot of weight quickly. This is due to the liquid phase required immediately after bariatric surgery. After a short


How healthy is eating fish

To immediately answer the question, eating fish is very healthy. It is a source of many vitamins (A, D, B3, B11 & B12), minerals and proteins.

Exercize and bariatric surgery

Exercise and bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery has become a viable option for many people who have been having a hard time trying to lose weight. This type of surgery allows the size of your stomach to be reduced. It also reduces the body’s ability to absorb calories and nutrients or both. Despite the treatment chosen, it is important to have a diet and do some exercise in order for the weight loss to be successful. Moreover, it is vital for the restoration of physical health.


Returning to work after surgery

You recently underwent bariatric surgery and you are now going home again. Many people prefer to get back to work as quickly as possible. In this blog you will read specific points of attention and what you should keep in mind when you return to work.


Pregnancy and bariatric surgery

If you have undergone a gastric bypass or another stomach-reducing procedure and would like to become pregnant, you naturally wonder when is the best time. The general advice is to hold off on a pregnancy until you have a stable weight. For a baby it is unhealthy if you lose weight during pregnancy and with abariatric surgery this will be no different. You naturally want your baby to grow healthily.

Losing weight can be hard. Bariatric surgery is nothing to be ashamed about!

Struggeling with your weight for years can be very hard. Obesity solutions will support you in your journey.