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Food & recipes

Spelt rice wafers with chocolate

A delicious and healthy snack. Very light to eat between or after meals. Ingredients:8 spelt rice wafers150 grams dark chocolate1 tablespoon peanut butter Preparation:Crumble the rice

Food & recipes

Delicious frappuccino

With these warm temperatures, some cooling down is certainly welcome. So we share the recipe for a delicious and refreshing frappuccino. Cooling down guaranteed! Ingredients: 2

Food & recipes

Cream soup with green vegetables

Soup is a delicious light meal. It provides the necessary vitamins and is very healthy. That is why we are sharing this tasty cream soup with

Food & recipes

Stuffed Peppers

A new Friday, a new recipe. This week we have for you the recipe of stuffed peppers. This is a slightly heavier meal, but still healthy.

Food & recipes

Cauliflower bread

Here we are again! Another Friday has passed so time for a new recipe. Today on the menu: Cauliflower bread. Delicious as a snack and the

Food & recipes

Healthy Ice Lolly

Summer is coming. In need of refreshment? Then these healthy ice lollies are for you! Easy to make and deliciously refreshing.Keep this in mind: The ice

Food & recipes

Cod with cherry tomatoes and celery

Friday today, so time for a new healthy recipe. Today on the menu: cod with cherry tomatoes and celery. Thanks to nutrition coach Ilse Verckens, we

Food & recipes

Oatmeal Pancakes

Friday again, so time for a new healthy recipe. Today’s recipe: oatmeal pancakes! Oatmeal pancakes contain carbohydrates and protein. So they are very healthy, even before

Food & recipes

Broccoli soup finished with ham cubes

After bariatric surgery, it’s important to eat healthy and balanced meals. That’s why we share a recipe with you every Friday. Today’s recipe: Broccoli soup finished